The 10 Best Free Erotic Games

The erotic games market is huge and contains many poor productions. In the following list I described the most realistic of them in terms of graphics, and those which have a great story and amazing sex scenes. All erotic games are also responsive, which means you can play them on your computer, tablet and phone.
The first place on my list is occupied by the game which is a very realistic sex simulator. After visiting the website, you can immediately start choosing the girl’s appearance. After that, you’ll be able to adjust her skills such as: blowjobs, anal, foot fetish.
SexEmulator offers an amazing experience of a POV perspective, thanks to which fucking your new friend is much better. The game provides many sex positions, many locations, game modes and a lot of other features.
Due to the possibility of 3D rendering, amazing graphics and sensual sounds the game is very realistic.
Over time you’ll be able to improve your skills to access more sex positions and more game modes, for example sex with many girls at once.
SexEmulator is free, after creating a character you will have to register, it’s very quick and simple process. You will have to provide your credit card information (most erotic games online require it). Premium account can be canceled after registration. However paid subscription provides many new features in game and access to many other games, which are also great.
This game is worth first place on the list of the best free erotic games online.
At the beginning of the game, you can choose from three characters: Pablo, Valeria or Horatio. Your decision will affect which side you will take, whether it will be a cartel or the police.
The game combines a shooter with really hot sex scenes. The authors created a great erotic game that has an interesting story. If you choose a cartel, you’ll build your drug empire, fight the police, and fuck hot girls, unless you stand on the side of the law and prevent Pablo from achieving his goal of gaining power.
NarcosXXX offers many sexual positions, you can even control the speed at which you fuck girls by moving the mouse. The situation is similar if you play on the phone or tablet, but instead of moving the mouse, you slide your finger on the screen.
Realistic 3D graphics, great atmosphere and amazing sex scenes make this erotic game one of my favorites.
NarcosXXX is a free game, but you will have to provide your credit card details, which will be used to access the trial version for two days (of course you can cancel your premium account after registration). Subscription allows you to access to other 200 erotic games, premium movies and a free webcam account.
This adult production is based on the popular Assassin’s Creed. Unlike the original, instead of killing your opponents, you’ll hunt sexy women.
The story is very extensive, but you can skip it and focus on what interests you the most while you are playing a porn game. The controls are simple, which is a huge plus in erotic games industry. So you can manage entertainment with one hand easily.
Taking care of the smallest details is impressive. Characters in this adult game are very realistic because of the amazing graphics. During sex scenes, women’s gestures and facial expressions are incredibly realistic.
Assasin’s Seed Orgies is free, but the premium account provides a lot of interesting features. I really recommend this game to everyone looking for erotic game that pays great attention to details.
The medieval atmosphere creates a really exciting gameplay experience. Game of Moans is of course a reflection of the Game of Thrones series.
The concept reminds me of NarcosXXX because you are also trying to gain power, but the number of enemies killed doesn’t matter. What really matters is the number of girls you fuck. In this game you’ll have the opportunity to fuck sexy women from the Game of Thrones series.
Interesting locations, sensual sounds and great story make this game amazing adult production. Every fan of the tv series should play it.
You don’t have to pay anything for the game, but registration requires a credit card. The premium package gives you access to dozens of erotic games that fall into many different categories.
Unlike other titles on this list, Nukatu is not a single game. This is a platform with many free erotic games based on hentai, so if you are a fan of animated girls you must visit Nutaku.
As a curiosity, it can be mentioned that the platform is visited by over 20 million people monthly. So in the hentai industry it is quite a popular brand.
You can choose from many free erotic games and each of them offers something different. Therefore you will definitely find something for yourself. You can sort erotic games by categories, which will make your search easier. On Nutaku platform you will find not only games, but also many premium porn videos.
Registration on the site is free, but some games are paid.
Sixth place on the list of the best erotic games online is occupied by Star Whores, a parody of the Star Wars movie series. The name matches the original very well, but it also makes me laugh.
I bet if you are a Star Wars fan you have dreamed of fucking Rey or another sexy woman more than once. In this game you will have the opportunity to do it. In addition you’ll be able to fuck her in whatever position you want. Many other girls are also waiting for you to fuck them.
Don’t expect a lot of fights with droids, instead you can expect to fuck hot girls all over the galaxy. At the beginning you can customize your character. After that you’ll be ready to move on to conquer the empire. Watch out for enemies and don’t let them fuck the best women.
When it comes to graphics, I wasn’t disappointed because it’s incredibly realistic.
Trial version of the game is completely free.
I have to say that the graphics that the player meets is extremely good. The authors of the game used amazing lighting system. During sex in a dark room the bodies are incredibly lit.
In this game hot girls with guns are hunting for you. You’ll be able to blow them in the middle of the jungle if you take their weapons away.
The story of this erotic game is very complex. An interesting option that you can use is “Story Mode”. As a result you won’t have to play, but you’ll be able to see how the game progresses without any interaction.
The combination of graphics at a very high level and the possibility of using 3D is amazing.
Using the premium option opens the door to many other erotic games that are not worse than XXXCharted. Moreover you will have access to many premium porn videos when you get bored of playing.
Several erotic games which are parodies of other popular games have already appeared on this list. The next game is a parody of one of the most popular game in the world.
The Fortnite concept is based on the fact that many people land on the map and compete with each other. The concept of Fuknite is similar. Instead of competing with others you can work with them and create gangbangs.
The game offers an incredible number of characters and sexual positions to choose from. The characters are more realistic than in original game. In addition Fucknite better captures the shapes of bodies. You can also choose sexy outfits for your girls or opt out of them completely.
I’m a big fan of Fortnite and I have to admit that I enjoy playing Fucnkinte. Registration is very quick and if you use the paid option you will get access to many other erotic games online.
This game is a reflection of the Borderlands 3 game in which are several sexy female characters. While many other productions focus mainly on sex, BangerLands 3 has a lot of elements from the original game.The authors made sure that the players focused not only on fucking girls, but also on the story and progress of your character in the game.
It doesn’t mean that this game contains only few porn elements, there are a lot of them. At the beginning you have the choice to blow one of the many girls who were in original production. For example: Moze, Amara, Moxxi Lilith, Tiny Tina.
As we already know, the game focuses on the story and character development. So at the beginning not all the girls you meet will be able to fuck. You must complete new missions and tasks to gain money and authorities, so you can afford a lot more.
You can also choose between sensual and sensitive or hardcore and crazy sex.
The game is completely free, but you have to provide credit card information during registration. However you don’t have to pay for anything.
Hentai Heroes is a production that puts a lot of emphasis on the story, which is very extensive. This is one of the most developed Hentai game you can play today. The adventure that awaits you is very addictive and funny.
The game also has a multiplayer mode which allows you to compete with other players. While playing, your task is to attract as many beautiful women as possible to your Harem.
You can compete with your opponents in the battle arena. Here, your sexual skills will be tested against other players.
Pachinko is a slot machine in which you can draw amazing items that will be useful in the game and can give you an advantage over others.
Hentai Heroes is a completely free game, but If you want you can spend money to get rare girls for your Harem, for example.


The above list of the best erotic games online in 2020 presents a variety titles, so everyone should find something for themselves. All of them are professionally made and the gaming experience is amazing.

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