How To Sell Used Panties

Selling panties online is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money. However, don’t expect that after placing an offer with your used panties, many people will immediately want to buy them. It doesn’t work like that. If you want to achieve success in this industry then you have to stand out or do something better than the competition. Do you want to know how to sell used panties and make a lot of money on it? Then read on.
how to sell used panties
Online sale of used panties is very popular. Thanks to this, there are many dedicated websites that you can use. The best choice you can make is to register and place your offers on many websites. Doing so will significantly increase your earning potential as you will reach more potential customers.

Best Websites To Sell Used Panties

– Sofia Gray

– Panty Deal

– Scented Pansy

– Snifffr

– Panty

– Many Vids

All of the websites above ensure 100% anonymity of sellers.
Besides, you can use them to chat with interested clients, add friends, receive reviews, and many other things.

Sell Used Panties

Once you have registered on all of the dedicated websites, it’s time to take some necessary steps that are required for you to receive money and your client to receive panties.

Set Up Your Profile Picture

This is the first thing you should do after registering on the site. The photo you choose should be sexy and portray you in your panties. You can take a picture yourself or with someone’s help.
I recommend choosing the second option because all your attributes will be captured.
The decision of showing your face in photos should be thought out at least twice. Remaining anonymous has its pros and cons, which are presented later in this article.

Write The Perfect Bio Of Your Profile

Setting the right profile description is also extremely important. Remember that it cannot be too short.
In the description of your profile, you can write about your interests, what you do in free time, how old you are, etc. Your biography should be written in a funny way and naughty way. You can also provide details of your offer, what you propose, and at what price.
I recommend that you look at the profiles of several other girls who are doing well in sales but don’t copy their text.
If you value your privacy and don’t want your family or friends to know about it that you are making money from selling used pants online, never provide your real name and never mention where you live.
It’s important to devote enough time to these two stages (profile picture and bio). If someone wants to buy used panties from you, the first thing he will do is enter your profile.

Offer Your Used Panties

The next step is to implement your offer. Just like with a profile picture, send your photo when you are wearing panties. it will be very difficult for you to make any money when you take pictures of your underwear that is on the table or sofa.
You can spend a little more time and upload a hot video, which will attract a larger audience.
In the description of your offer, write what you did when you were wearing your underwear and how much time you wore it. If you have worn your panties more than a day you can sell them at a higher price.
But How much to charge for selling used panties?
Several factors affect this, it’s usually between $40 and $100.
It depends on how much time you wore them and how well developed your reputation is. Don’t worry, because later in this article I will tell you everything you should know about how to get regular customers and how to reach a huge number of people who are interested in buying used pants.
how to sell used underwear


When someone chooses your offer and orders your used panties then it’s time to pack them for shipping. Remember that the smell of your panties is the most important factor for your customers. To keep the smell of your panties the best solution for you is to use a transparent zipper bag.
Important: Do not send sweaty, wet panties. When they reach your client, they will have an unpleasant smell, which means that your customer won’t buy them again, and he will probably give you a negative rating.
It’s a great idea to send some of your sexy photos on which you are wearing the panties you intend to send. This is a small addition, but it may cause that the next time your client decides to buy used panties, he will choose your offer again instead of someone else’s.

How To Ship Used Panties

It’s time for shipping. Pack a ziplock bag into a larger envelope on which you will have to write the address of the person to whom you send your used panties.
Remember to never enter your data on an envelope. In the place designated for the return address, you can re-enter your client’s home address or leave this field blank. It’s very important unless you want the person you send your used panties to know your address and your real name.

Best Tips

After we have the process of selling used panties behind us, it’s time for the best tips thanks to which you will be able to gain more customers, and this means that your earnings will improve significantly.

Be Friendly

Thanks to customers you can make money online, don’t forget about this fact. Be nice to them and devote your time to text with them on the dedicated chat. Thanks to this, your chances of choosing your offer and buying your used panties will increase.
Most people who decide to buy used underwear want to interact with girls who offer this service. If you sacrifice a few minutes to talk to a person interested in your offer, your chances of buying your underpants will improve significantly. So act as if you were their girlfriend.
Talk to them even on topics that are not about buying used pants. If the interaction between you and the buyer increases, then it is guaranteed that you will receive his money. You may even get more money than you expected.
Additionally, you can’t press your potential customers to buy your used panties. Simply, they don’t like it.

Market Yourself

Listing your offers on many websites is a great initiative. However, you can reach even more recipients who are looking for used panties through social media.
Set up accounts on popular websites like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat and regularly update your profiles with sexy photos and videos that show you wearing underwear. Use popular hashtags that refer to the sale of used panties and interact with your fans. After some time you will gain a large number of recipients.
Then you will be able to direct them to websites where they will be able to see all your available offers.
Additionally, another place from which you can get more customers is Reddit. Join subreddits, which include the sale of used panties, and then send your offers to them.
The above platforms are an amazing place for free marketing. So if you want to make a lot of money by selling your used panties then you need to set up accounts on these sites.
When you plan to send your used panties to customers, you can put your social media’s names on the envelope. It will cause even more interest in yourself, which will contribute to better results.

Customize Your Panties

Submit your panties that haven’t been used yet. Then offer your potential clients the opportunity to customize your panties. Someone may want you to go to the gym in these panties, someone else may want you to spend more than a day in them. People have many different requirements.
Personalized offers are great because you can earn more money by selling one pair of used panties. If you want to succeed, you should think about the frequent use of personalized offers.

Should I Show My Face?

As I mentioned earlier in this article, showing face in photos and videos has its pros and cons.
The biggest plus is that by showing your face you can make more money. However, this solution is much riskier because someone in your family or friends can recognize you. So if you are not afraid of the risk because, for example, you don’t care about their opinion then you should try this.
It doesn’t mean that if you don’t show your face you won’t earn a lot of money. If you follow all the methods outlined in this article, this industry will be lucrative for you no matter what.

Don't Limit Yourself To Selling Panties

It’s known that panties are the most popular thing, but you can’t limit yourself to selling only them. You can also offer your bras, socks, and even sex toys.
Be creative, upload sexy photos and videos where you interact with these items. Thanks to this, you can always count on additional earnings.
sell your panties


Selling used panties online is an easy way to make money. Unfortunately, since it is so easy, more and more people decide to sell used panties, which increases the competition. However, if you implement all the tips that are presented in this article, I hope you will forget about the question of How to Sell Used Panties?

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