Camming Toys

Every business comes with its tools of the trade. For camgirls, these tools often come in long shapes, are mostly pink, made out of silicon and make a disctintive buzz. Of course, we’re talking about sex toys, namely vibrators and dildos. With so many options available, we have prepared a list of the 10 best-selling camming toys, with their main features and whether it’s stream-friendly or not. By stream friendliness, we’re talking about how some toys have connectivity capabilities that can be used during streams.
Big camgirl websites, such as Chaturbate, allow to synchronize the donations you receive to the vibrations of your webcam vibrator. This means that, for example, every time you receive a donation of a single token, your cam sex toy will activate in the low setting; however, if you receive a large tip, your vibrator will go wild.

1. Lush 2

lush 2

Stream-friendly? YES

The Lush 2, part of the LOVENSE family, is the tiniest of them all but still packs a mean punch. It’s very discreet and rather silent, so it’s perfect for public play. This bullet vibrator counts with 7 preset vibration modes, which are fully customizable anyways through the LOVENSE app.
One trait that this bad boy shares with its family is that It’s 100% compatible with streaming sites such as Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, LiveJasmin, and many others. Lovense Lush 2 vibrator deserves first place in our ranking of the best camming toys

2. Nora

Stream-friendly? YES

LOVENSE has an impressive variety of shapes for its webcam toys, all of them with teledildonics functionality. This time, it’s the turn for a bigger, sturdier model, a rabbit vibrator called Nora. It receives this name because of its two “ears” or shafts, the long one intended to be an internal stimulator while the shorter one is intended as a clit massager.
Its insertable length is of 120mm, which is quite nice since it gives room for movement. It can last up to 2 hours when fully charged, perfect for a long camming session; what’s more, it can be connected to other LOVENSE toys such as the Max, reacting when someone uses either toy.

3. Hush

Stream-friendly? YES

LOVENSE Hush could be the odd one out in this list. Not because its build is significantly different than the rest, all being completely safe, splash resistant and with a USB rechargable battery, but because it’s the only buttplug in the list. With a similar motor to the Lush, it’s small but mean!
LOVENSE grants connectivity between devices and towards camgirl websites, which means you can combine your Hush with other LOVENSE toys for even more pleasure during a stream.

4. Osci 2

Stream-friendly? YES

Also from the LOVENSE family, always innovative, the Osci 2 is one of the few oscillating sex toys in the market right now. Unlike common vibrators, this toy is a delightful substitute for fingering motions to the G-spot.
With 3 preset intensities, 10 customizable patterns and 150 minutes of battery life, it’s one of the best options for those looking for an unusual toy because of the sensation it gives.

5. WeVibe Sync

Stream-friendly? YES

The greatest advantage of the WeVibe Sync is that, as a couples vibrator, it can be used during penetration, so it’s perfect for couples shows or to combine it with other toys. As most of the camgirl toys in this list, it can be controlled by app for long distance use, and it’s discreet enough to use in public.
WeVibe has connectivity support with camming sites like Chaturbate, both in platform and with the app that allows you to connect personally with fans or other streamers.

6. Gigi 2

Stream-friendly? NO

This webcam toy has one of the best designs for a G-spot stimulator out there. With a curved body and flattened tip, it allows to cover fully your G-spot while creating amazing visuals for your audience!
However, because of its length, it can be used for mid-range penetration as well. Its flattened head also allows it to be a very good clit stimulator. Its downside is that, currenly, most LELO devices don’t connect to webcam sites.

7. Soraya 2

Stream-friendly? NO

Another top-quality Rabbit Massager. Surprisingly sturdy and reliable, the LELO Soraya 2 doesn’t posess connectivity capability like most of the items on the list, however, it remains a camgirl favorite when it comes to sex toys because of its power and performance. It’s splash resistant, it has 13 different levels of intensity and it looks incredible on camera.

Stream-friendly? NO

What’s impressive about this vibrator is its particular long shape and 2 different-sized ends; however, it’s not uncomfortable at all. Coming with powerful dual motors, it has 7 functions in each end: 3 speeds of vibration and 4 patterns of pulsation each.
As it’s almost par for the course in this list, it’s USB Rechargeable, waterproof and made with body-safe silicone. Sadly, it doesn’t posess any connectivity capabilities; however, it doesn’t mean you can’t do a great show with it.

Stream-friendly? NO

Ah, the classic, the unmistakable, the revered Magic Wand. For some, the best choice for clit massagers out there, now cordless and with a very strong rechargeable battery!
As of now, the Magic Wand doesn’t posess teledildonic connectivity, but people know it as the squirters’ weapon of choice, which will surely attract and engage visitors every time they see “HITACHI” or “MAGIC WAND” in your session description.

10. Esca 2

Stream-friendly? YES

OhMiBod has made iself quite a reputation in the camming toys world, and it’s no wonder since they’re all about quality and user experience. This time, in collaboration with KIIroo, they have produced the Esca 2, a small yet very powerful G-spot vibrator specially designed with teledildonic capabilities in mind.
The Esca 2 allows you to sync your vibration patterns to streaming platforms like Chaturbate, and to other KIIroo toys to have fun with your fans or other streamers. A must-have in your webcam toy collection.

Camming Toys Conclusion

With lots of sizes, shapes, colors and features to choose from, a top camgirl will keep herself (and her audience) satisfied with a wide assortment of camming toys. You also have the choice of giving some control to your fans by making them activate your toys with their donations, which can be very exciting for them.
From bullet vibrators and buttplugs designed for public and couples play to larger stimulators and dildos, at the end of the day, it’s you who’s gonna have a great time, and make money out of it!

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