5 Best Webcam Model Sites

The webcam industry has been growing intensively in recent years. XBIZ claims that webcamming is becoming the backbone of the adult entertainment industry.
But before you even earn your first dollar as a camgirl, there’s a lot of preparation required. One of the most important decisions you’ll make in your career is where you host your shows. Therefore I prepared the list of 5 best webcam model sites.
However, this decision might not be very simple.
The potential of this business has not gone unnoticed. Dozens or perhaps hundreds of platforms are battling to dominate this market.
Having so many options to choose from can be daunting.
How to choose the best webcam site for you?
Your income will come from your fans. The more fans you have the better your income will be. Lots of people watching you increases the chances of gaining new fans. Therefore, you should consider websites with a ton of traffic.
The next step you need to consider is how much money you’ll earn and how often they’ll pay you. Every platform takes a percentage of every dollar you make. Some take a bigger cut, but they might have higher traffic and vice versa. It’s your job to make sure that whichever site you choose is one of the highest paying cam sites.
Finally, check for special features. Not every website allows you to geo-block, Wishlist, promote, have sex, and many others. Some of these special features (like having sex) are really well paid. If you are willing to do them, make sure your selected cam site allows it.
Keeping this in mind I have made a list of the 5 best webcam model sites to ensure you have the best start in your career.
Ranking #22 in the Alexa Ranking and with over five million people visit this site every single day. This site has some serious traffic. You’ll earn 50% of every dollar you make. So Chaturbate is one of the highest paying cam sites.
They pay twice a month via direct deposit, Firstchoice Pay, Paxum, Check, or Wire payments. If you withdraw money twice, you’ll be able to take advantage of the daily payout.
There are other forms to gain a little bit of the money Chaturbate takes from you. They host a monthly contest of $11,000+ in prize money. The winners are in the hundreds, which means less money but more probability of winning.
As a camgirl in Chaturbate you can earn, on average, between $100-$250 per hour. Moreover the most successful camgirls can earn up to $350 per hour.
Chaturbate has an amazing community. It’s widely amongst camgirls that the Chaturbate community is very supportive and generous.
This website is ideal for first-time camgirls. Thanks to the earning potential and community, even some veterans return to Chaturbate quite often.
The best thing you can use on Chaturbate is a set of many applications and bots. You can set goals, automate your chat, play games and much more.
If you want to learn more about useful tips for making money on Chaturbate I encourage you to read this article.

2. BongaCams

BongaCams is #26 in the Alexa ranking making it a safe choice if you are worried about traffic. They will keep 50% of every dollar you make, but you have a chance of recovering some of this money.
The modeling contests allow the top 100 models of the week to compete for a piece of the $40,000 prize fund. All females can participate to win an $11,000 prize fund for the best chatroom.
BongaCams pays weekly and offers a vast array of payment options, including cryptocurrency. Wire Transfer, WebMoney, and bitcoin are among the different options they offer.
BongaCams deservs second place on the list of 5 best webcam model sites.

3. LiveJasmin

Being one of the oldest webcam sites on the internet. Its popularity hasn’t wained over the years still holding #33 in the Alexa ranking.
You can make some of this money back. LiveJasmin offers a weekly $10,000 prize fund for the top 100 models based on member’s votes.
You’ll earn 30-60% of every dollar you make. The percentage of commission depends on how much you earn during the day.
If you make less than $ 100 in one day you will receive a 30% commission. 100-300 $ is 35%, but if you make $ 2,500 you will get up to 60%.
Due to this fact, Livejasmin is recommended for camgirls who already have experience in the industry and have their own audience.
If you have reached the $100 limit, they’ll pay you every two weeks. They have several payment options including Skrill, ePayService, WebMoney, and more.

4. MyFreeCams

MyFreeCams is #933 in the Alexa ranking of the most visited websites on the internet. It is several hundred places of difference from the previous 3 places, but still it is a great result.
As a camgirl you will earn 50% on every dollar you make. You will be able to withdraw money on the 1st and 16th of each month. It is possible to apply for faster withdrawals.
Models who have earned the most each month will receive additional remuneration. Cam model who earned the most will receive $ 1,500. The rate goes down to the model in 100 place, which receives $ 200.
MyFreeCams is really great and has a lot of features, but I don’t really like the design of this camsite.

5. CamSoda

This is one of the newest sites around. As the younglings they are, they have revitalized the industry. They were the first to include virtual reality streams, interactive sex toys, and touch-screen technology.
You’ll earn around 55% of every dollar. They pay every Thursday and your money is reflected on Monday. CamSoda pays via direct deposit, physical check, wire, and Paxum.
Sadly, they are not very popular, #12,128 in the Alexa ranking they are not the most popular webcam site. Still, holding that place on the whole internet is not a small feat. Which means they still can hold decent traffic.


Choosing the ideal camsite to host your show is perhaps the most important decision of your camgirl career. A lot of girls get discouraged when they don’t earn the money they expected. Most of the time the reasoning is that they chose the wrong website.
Some cam sites are not very noob friendly and starting girls don’t stand much of a chance. The sites listed here, like Chaturbate offer an easy and friendly environment for beginners.
Camgirls that choose the best webcam model site are for themselves, are less prone to giving up due to discouragement. Having a site that supports them and pays them properly and fast can help any camgirl become very successful.
If you are new to this business be sure to choose the webcam site that represents the best deal for you.

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